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We offer our employees competitive compensation and benefit plans. In addition to all kinds of welfare guarantees provided by the state, the company also provides a wealth of human welfare, such as transportation subsidies for family visits during the Spring Festival, transition room for entry, regular company travel, regular afternoon tea, gym, and various recreational and sports activities. The company attaches importance to employee development, provides various training opportunities, and sets up outstanding contribution awards, patent awards, President awards, milestone awards and other awards to encourage personal growth.

Social recruitment

(一)Scientific Department Post

Ⅰ Protein biochemistry (post No.: k-001)


Clone the cDNA of protein and recombinant McAb, construct the vector of expression protein and recombinant McAb, construct the cell line of protein expression by transfection or reverse transcription virus expression, produce and purify the protein or recombinant McAb with the cell line of protein expression, so as to support the

Work, such as providing immune antigen protein for hybridoma antibody project. Help the project team to select the best protein fragment, expression vector, cell line and purification method.


Education and work experience requirements:

· Bachelor degree or above in molecular biology or related biology.

· Experience in construction of expression vector and mammalian cell line. Familiar with antibody gene cloning, expression and purification.

·Familiar with DNA analysis software. Ability to solve technical problems independently.

· Be familiar with and adapt to the working environment of the team, and be good at communicating with each other. Good oral presentation skills, able to make reports and answer questions in related meetings. Strong English reading and writing ability.



Ⅱ Cytology / immunology Supervisor (post No.: k-008)


Lead the members of the Department to establish a cytological test system to conduct cytological screening in the research and development process of antibody drugs. Act as the project leader to complete the project and personnel work arrangement related to antibody drug discovery, summarize the project progress, organize and complete the progress report and application materials. Assist the Scientific Department director of the company to determine and promote the scientific development strategy, new projects and new technology level of the company. Led the establishment of a cytology / immunocytology test system (including the activation of human immune cells and the measurement of cytokines, cell proliferation and differentiation, flow cytometry of cell surface receptor expression, etc.), designed daily immunology cytology experiments for the screening and testing of macromolecular drugs, and assisted in the efficacy and pharmacokinetics experiments of immune animals.

Job requirements:

Doctor degree in immunology or related biology.

Practical experience of human primary immune cell separation and activity test, FACS and other technologies.

Be able to use MS Excel or other analysis software to analyze the experiment results independently, and have the ability to solve the technical problems in the experiment independently.

Be familiar with and adapt to the working environment of the team, be good at communicating the cooperation between the groups, have good oral expression ability, be able to make a report in relevant meetings and answer questions. Strong English reading and writing ability.