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Development center

•Potential next-generation, first-in-class bi-specific PD-1/CTLA-4 immuno-oncology backbone drug (德赢)

• Registrational stage PD-1 antibody drug candidate (penpulimab (官网)) targeting large indications, supported by a development and commercialization partnership under Sino Biopharm Collaboration

•Potential first domestically-developed monoclonal antibody drug candidate(AK101)  against a validated second-generation autoimmune disease target

•Potential first domestically-developed PCSK9 antibody (ebronucimab(AK102)) targeting hypercholesterolemia

•Strong in-house R&D capability through ACE Platform endorsed by our Merck licensing arrangemen

•Proven manufacturing capability in compliance with international GMP standards

• Visionary and experienced management team with proven track record of success

Developing product